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Bryan is a proud graduate of

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Bryan has been a successful financial services manager for the past 16 years. He has been a branch manager of national financial institutions, and a senior finance director within the auto industry. He is a graduate of the world's foremost customer service development programs, including the Ritz Carlton Institute and the Disney Institute. This means Bryan has learned from the best of the best and has taken those strategies to revolutionize the customer experience and corporate culture.


​Bryan began his career in 2003 as a manager for a local religious bookstore. From there, he has directed organizations large and small, being an advocate for both the customer and the employee. As a financial services manager, Bryan changed the local banking industry with a "relationship first" approach to increasing sales. He has won several prestigious corporate customer service awards from leading financial institutions. 

​Bryan believes it is the perceived failures of life that lead to profound reinvention.


Despite being college-educated and graduating at the top of his class, Bryan had some very difficult hands dealt him. He has been homeless and jobless. He was terminated from a Utah banking institution shortly before Christmas on the grounds of being homeless,  believing he could not be trusted around money.


Addicted to alcohol and hospitalized for a suicide attempt, Bryan hit rock bottom. Despite the darkness around him, he had to continue working. He became a director of finance within the auto industry. Regrettably,  Bryan worked for two organizations with very toxic work cultures. After being asked to engage in illegal and unethical practices, Bryan quit and never looked back. 


It was these experiences that drove Bryan to completely redefine his purpose in life. While at this lowest point of his life, desperate and with little money, he took a leap of faith and wrote The Customer Service Revolution: 8 Principles That Will Change the Way Companies Think About the Customer Experience and the Employees Who Work For Them. He developed a successful customer service training program, which passionately teaches the belief that the level of service given to customers is a reflection of the service rendered to employees. After the huge success of his first book, he embarked on another writing journey, authoring Get Your Stuff and Get Out! Why Customer Service Sucks and How We Can Make It Great Again!

Bryan brings a "real-world perspective" to customer experience and employee development. Through practical application, innovative approaches, and inspirational storytelling, Bryan is changing the way organizations do business with their customers and their employees. Bryan invites you to hire him to speak at your business or organization!

"Bryan continues to amaze me with his endless effort to improve customer service and employee engagement and support. He gives us the opportunity to remember why we do what we do and how engagement and kindness can go ever so far in an ever-increasing difficult world."

Kristin Taylor Petrucci

Keynote Speaker, Corporate connection consultant