Being good is not good enough anymore. Being mediocre is even worse. Being great makes or breaks companies. Customers can get anything from anywhere. How people are treated from the moment they walk into the doors of a business, visit their website, or contact a call center determines how much money they will spend.


Every company has a slogan or tagline touting how much they care about customers. Interestingly enough, that commitment to the customer is usually tacked up on the break room wall and touted with little importance. Saying you care about your customers won't win you any special points. Showing them you do is what brings in the money.


The customer service revolution 

8 principles that will change the way companies think about the customer experience and the employees who work for them

The way we do business has changed. Customers are no longer driven by products and services alone. They are experience driven customers who seek meaningful and genuine interactions with the companies they do business with. 

Many companies have adapted a “too big to fail” mindset and have implemented policies that favor themselves instead of the customers who keep them in business. Employees are treated as money-making machines instead of valued teammates. 

This has to change. 

The Customer Service Revolution is packed full of innovating and inspiring stories, and is changing the way companies think about their customers and the employees who make it all happen.

What people are saying

"Bryan has created a thought-provoking take on how to enhance the experience for the most powerful person on the
planet—the customer. Reading this work reminds us of the power of the golden rule.”

Trevor Flisowski

Corporate Trainer & Sales Professional

“Bryan breaks down the negative impact that a lack of care for employees can lead to a toxic environment that invariably affects external customers and the business’ bottom-line. Bryan demonstrates how

sales will increase when employees are empowered to exceed customers’

Yvonne Jones

Personal Business Coach, Founder of

50 and Wiser Coaching

“Bryan successfully addresses the major issues concerning customer experience today. If you manage people and want customers to keep coming back with money in hand, his books are a must-read.”

Nick Brown

Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Sales CU