• Bryan Horn

"Magical Moments" for Your Customers

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Creating magical moments is very simple. It is like when you see something in a

store that reminds you of someone special. You say to yourself,

“I think they would really like this.” You just get it for them, regardless of the time of year. It does not have to be their birthday or Christmas. You just knew it would make them

happy. This is how simple creating memorable experiences can be for your customers. It’s thinking outside the box and empowering your employees to brainstorm and use their

creativity to come with ideas that will make the customer smile.

It does not have to be a special occasion; it rather should be the normal practice of your business to make these experiences happen. Located less than an hour from Salt Lake City is the outdoor resort town of Park City. It is home to the world-famous Sundance film festival and many celebrity homes.

During the off-season, which is defined as April-October, the local resorts give impressive discounts and hotel packages to Utah residents to fill rooms. I decided to take advantage and booked a room at the Waldorf Astoria. The presidential suite rate was the same as a normal room rate and included a personal butler and breakfast for two. It was a great offer and a chance to get away for the evening. I took a friend and we indulged in the good life for a night. During my brief stay, my butler went above and beyond to take care of me. We discussed how I enjoy collecting foreign currency as a hobby. He

personally unfolded and re-folded my clothes upon checkout.

Without asking, after returning from dinner, a beautiful display of chamomile teas with a handwritten note asking me to enjoy a good night's sleep awaited me on a turned down bed. At check out, the receptionist handed me an envelope with a piece of foreign currency. It was from my butler, and yet another note explaining that he had been on a recent trip and wanted

me to have it for my collection. I was touched by this exemplary act of service, and I have that piece of currency in my collection to this day. He used the knowledge I provided

him to create a memorable experience with a touch of personality.

Bryan Horn is a customer experience and employee development expert. He is the author of the book The Customer Service Revolution: 8 Principles That Will Change the Way Companies Think About the Customer Experience and the Employees Who Work for Them.

Moments of Magic (or in this case Magical Moments) is a registered trademark by Shep Hyken ( and is used with permission.

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