• Bryan Horn

Accountability: The Key to Great Customer Experiences

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

Accountability is creating a culture among employees that tells customers their business matters. It is entrusting employees to do the right thing each time and being

responsible for their business actions and decisions. It is the willingness to show your customers that you really do care about them and uphold an organization wide pledge to

respond to customer issues as they arrive.

Customers do not care which department they reach when they are seeking help. They just want their problem solved! It should be the mantra of every organization to simply

make it happen, regardless of the department called. The end goal is to bring a satisfactory result to the customer. When organizations do not entrust teams to work together, they can't

give personalized service. This frustrates both employees and customers. According to Saleforce, 78% of consumers have ended a business relationship due to bad service, and

specifically a company failing to work together to correct a negative situation. Corporate culture needs to include being accountable for the actions of the entire team. If you want to

drive your customers away in droves, make sure to pass their concern on from department to department with a “not my problem” mindset. Put up barriers and obstacles for your

customers that drag out their negative experience as long as possible. That will guarantee your customers don’t return! However, if you want to keep customers coming back, enable

employees to act and make the situation right.

Bryan Horn is a customer experience and employee development expert. He is the author of the book The Customer Service Revolution: 8 Principles That Will Change the Way Companies Think About the Customer Experience and the Employees Who Work For Them.

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