customer service training, employee empowerment, and

service recovery

Widely regarded as one of the best customer experience experts, Bryan offers customer service/experience training, service recovery training, mystery shopping, and employee culture development. Results include increased sales for your business, long-term

customer loyalty, customer-centric cultures, and positive employee experiences. 

sample training modules


"The power of saying YES!"

"It would be my pleasure!"

"Affirming language and making magic"

"Prego is not just a pasta sauce"


"Creating a culture of accountability

"Stupid rules are, well, stupid!"

"Horses and human resources"

"Risk is not just a board game!"


"Setting the stage for the perfect first impression"

"Your customers are valued guests"

"Customers deserve the best; give it to them!


"Everything speaks"

"Little things make big impacts!"

"Walk in the shoes of your customers"

"Don't just say it; do it!"

“What sets Bryan apart is the practical advice for implementing the ideas offered. He offers important messages that make the customer’s experience the mission of your business.” 

Jeff Sheehan

Author of The Customer Experience Handbook, CX Advisor to KBC Bank Ireland

“Bryan lays out strategies and examples to treat customers as humans and restore differentiating levels of service for any organization! ”

David Kitchen
Government & Public Sector HR Director

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